Friday, October 24, 2014

Navy Blue Chiffon and White Lace Late Edwardian Shirtwaist

From the seller:

Turn heads

in this stunning blouse c. 1890 silk chiffon...lace lining

...beautiful, delicate lace at collar & cuffs

* in overall great condition * silk chiffon & lace lining are strong & wearable

Apologies: It had 2 linings...I had to remove the shredding ivory silk one...but fortunately was left with the lace lining !

Some holes R. shoulder [ largely covered by collar ] and back of L. sleeve forearm...high neck netting needs to be cleaned

Measurements [lying flat]: underarm-underarm: 16" waist: 10 1/2"

Enjoy !

From Me:

....Yeah, no.

Not only would you have to be wanton of destruction by wearing this rather lovely piece, I doubt it would fit most people older than 12.

It's also from about 1908. By then, the pigeon front was on it's way out of fashion but the double sleeves were all the rage.


  1. I wish I could have bought this. I'd like to see how the undersleeves were attached and how the whole bodice worked. Lovely.

    1. Normally, with the pigeon fronts, they made the front section longer with a very wide curve. This was all gathered up under the inside waistband - which looks like what they did here. Sometimes, the sleeves have the lining as a typical long sleeve, but the lower part of the oversleeve is attached to this at the cuff and at the elbow. The upper part of the oversleeve is attached at the armscye but free at the elbow, over lapping the lower oversleeve.

      Hopefully, that all makes sense!