Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lovely Teens Era Black Lace Evening Dress

From the seller:

Collectors / lovers of great vintage !

Treat yourself

to this gorgeous period gown c. 1910 silk...exquisite lace

...satin waist band & the yellow & blue satin accents

...ivory & black silk underslips

* just resplendent * worth the TLC to restore it to it's former glory !

The good news: the dresses' skirt, black lace, satin embellishments are all in GOOD shape

The not so good news: the white lace is fragile, with some tears...the very gauzy black silk chiffon at shoulders is also fragile, with a couple of holes

The ivory silk bodice lining was shredding [ I have already removed ] the ivory silk underslip needs to be removed due to shredding [ I removed part of it already, that had a bluish discoloration ]

Measurements [lying flat]: underarm-underarm: 16" waist: 12 1/2" hips: 18" + length: 50"

Enjoy !

From Me:

Probably a couple of years later, 1912, but eh.

I love that little splash of color along the bustline.

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