Thursday, October 2, 2014

Late Teen's Era Blue Net Dress with White Lace

From the seller:

A gorgeous antique tambour net lace dress with lush work.

A rare to find blue color.

This one is very ornate with layers and lace trims.

Take your time to view the photos. It's worth it!


Shoulder to bottom edge is 54 inches

Under armpits across chest is 17 inches

Waist 30 inches

This one is so precious with all lace and layers :)

Condition: Some age tanning and age spotting in places. A few small holes.

It was packed away for a long time and we just found it from a Philadelphia Pennsylvania estate.

The lady of the estate had fine clothing most from the 20s era. We have more of her fancy party dresses to list so keep watching.

A very special piece of lace to add to your collection.

This one is a prize!

Hat not included :)

From Me:

You can see both the Edwardian love of layering still in play but the new silhouette that would be oh so popular in the 1920's just coming into play. The late Edwardian/early Teens dresses almost always have embroidery or lace covered by a sheer fabric. This was to trick the eye as well as to get the element to blend more into the dress and bring the various aspects of the dress together. The basic box and tier construction (this is basically an elongated tank top with a broomstick skirt to use the modern terminology) is the start of the box and pleat construction that is pretty much the entire 1920's. Very interesting to see the combo - what was popular and what will be- in this one little dress.

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