Friday, November 27, 2015

1840's Yellow Silk Dress out of 18th Century Silk

From the seller:

Circa 1840, a silk polychrome ensemble .The silk brocade fashioned from a open gown Circa 1780.The design of floral polychrome stripes are quite lovely. Part of a museum deaccession from the Metropolitan museum in New York.The skirt is quite there is quite alot of fabric.There is a opening down the front ,part of design .In very good condition,some inner staining on inner bodice lining and soem dirt marks on edge of skirt..The skirt measures 36” around waist, the fabric is quite ruched so measures more, length is apprx. is 43-44’with hem. The circumference at bottom is apprx. 139”.Pictures do not show the great volume of skirt.

From Me:

Here's the original photo that was up on the Met's website:

The outfit bothered me a lot. The insides just don't look 1840's at all. The curved seams, the binding, the sloppy way it's done - it looks like someone made this for a party in the 20th Century despite the hand stitching. However, since it was clearly in the Met collection as an 1840's dress, I'm keeping it in that category for now.


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