Friday, November 20, 2015

Edwardian Blue Print Dress

From the seller:

Antique 1800s 1890s Blue Floral Print Silk Dress Set / Women's XS / Victorian Crop Bodice Velvet Trim Jacket with Long Bustle Skirt

*****More pictures available upon request, we will need your email address*****

• Antique blue silk (floral print with dots) dress set.
• Two piece: top (with seperate neck piece) and long bustle skirt.
• Circa 1890s. (My best guess)
• Blue silk ruffled trim at cuffs and down front.
• Cute zig zag cut at sleeve cuffs.
• Dark blue velvet detail at each collar and band around waist.
• Very cropped in length.
• Front white ruffled silk under shirt layer exposed at front.
• Hidden hook and eye closures up front of blouse.
• Lined.
• Handle still intact at back of skirt / used to hold skirt up.
• Shorter length at front of skirt (bustle style skirt).
• Hook at back.
• Lined.
• Very full skirt (bustle style skirt).

• Taken laying flat and doubled where necessary
• Best fit women's XS
There are twointerior layers to the top. So I gave two measurement options because if you do not hook the front velvet waist sash together it gives more room but the top was meant to be hooked, which would make it incredibly tiny. Please let me know if I need to clarify.
Bust- 32" (without interior liner hooked) / 28" hooked
Waist- 27" unhooked / 23" hooked
Length- 17" very cropped in length
Arm Length- 19"
Shoulders- 12 1/2" very narrow shoulders

Waist- 26"
Hips- free
Length at front- 36 1/2"
Length at back- 43"

No maker label

AS IS: Please keep in mind this dress set is over 100 years old and was once worn. The silk is shattered at the blouse; on the shoulders, at back neck, and sleeves. A few hook / eyes are missing. The skirt is in good condition with the exception of a portion of bottom hem missing decorative trim. Minor stains to the dress set.

From Me:
Walking suit 1903

1903 or there about.

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