Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pretty Silk Embroidered Apron

From the seller:

This apron came out of an estate in Weston, MA. The apron was found in a box in the attic of the Headmasters House at the Rivers Country Day School. When found, the note, of which I took a photo, was folded in the apron. The note reads:
Worn in 1835
I believe this apron to actually have been made in the 1700’s. The fabric and craftsmanship as well as design indicates a French origin and was most probably designed to be worn over a particular gown. The original owner was likely to be a noble-woman and the apron just another adornment to the ensemble as was the fashion of the time.

The apron itself is in remarkable condition. See for yourself in the photos. There is some fabric fading, but the fabric remains strong. The silk is in good condition with no splitting like you see in so many garments from the day. The embroidery is in great condition. The pockets have been sewn shut from the under side. The waist is heavily gathered. The chording for the apron tie/string is also silk and very long. The color of the apron is a rich deep brick hue. Just magnificent.

I have with this the provenance of the woman who brought the apron to me; to Ohio. This piece of paper reads:
The apron marked “worn in 1835” was from the Headmasters House at Rivers County Day School, Weston, MA. I think his name was Blackwell and the family left several boxes in the attic when he retired. It was brought back to Ohio in 1971. I lived in the house during college summer break doing some renovations there.

The apron measures:
(all measurements approximate)
Total length: 28.5:”
Width at base: 30.5”
Width at top – gathered waist portion: 11.5”
Total length of apron cording tie/string: 110.2” – over 9 feet
Pocket length: 4.75”

From Me:

The 1835 date is correct. Here are some similar aprons from around the late Romantic/early Victorian era that are similar:

While there are some similar ones in the 18th Century, those tend to be more heavily embroidered and the embroidery is all the way to the outside, not around the middle like the extant one.

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