Monday, November 2, 2015

Late Edwardian/Early Teens Emerald Green Evening Dress

From the seller:

Fantastic Edwardian black chiffon, green silk, and metallic gold lace dinner dress.

c. 1912

The black chiffon is over green silk. The bodice contains a cream lace top with metallic gold lace. Each lower side of the dress is draped with jet beaded cord tassels. My mannequin is slightly bigger than the dress so I didn't hook the dress all the way in the back. Please use the zoom to check out this outstanding dress!!

The black banding that you see would hit around your rib cage area. It is 22".

Length is 55" in the front. 66" at the longest part in the back.

In good vintage condition.

Noted issues: The silk part of the dress has some worn areas and fading, especially towards the bottom of the hem area where the dress hits the floor. Found two small holes on the back of the skirt. One hole is 1/4 of an inch, the other 1/8 of an inch, located about 10 inches from the bottom of the skirt (see photo #9). The inside cream silk bodice is shattered in many areas, which you can't see when worn (see last photo).

The hem has about 8 inches of extra fabric underneath.

From Me:

Fashion Plate 1909
I wouldn't put this dress any later than 1911.   My guess is closer to 1909 though making it late Edwardian.

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