Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Three from the Thirties!

From the seller:

This lot features 3 dresses, approximately from the 1920s-40s. They are sold AS-IS and all have serious or noteworthy damage. We absolutely cannot guarantee that any can be worn; rather, they are intended more for customers who will use them for design, display, or inspiration. We will do our best to note problems but please keep in mind that all dresses in this lot have damage. The age given for the dresses is approximate. The material is also our best guess and may not always be accurate. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know prior to making a purchase. Problems may include rips and tears, stains, dry rot in the seams or material, missing buttons, and more. If any of these dresses could be easily fixed, they would be for sale individually or in my store. There are no returns accepted on this lot of dresses.

VTG 30s Pastel Striped Shirtwaist Maxi Dress:
This striped shirtwaist dress features puff sleeves, lapels, buttons, gathered elastic waist and long straight maxi skirt. There are several stains and holes throughout. No designer tags found.

Bust (measured from armpit to armpit): 19"
Waist: 12.5"
Shoulders: 14"
Sleeves: 10.5"
Total Length: 60"
Fabric: Rayon
Approximate Size:
Damages: Stains and discoloration, holes in armpit and neckline, loose thread at seams.

VTG 30s Beige/Brown Sheer Embroidered Dress:
This light brown/beige dress is made of a still sheer material that is likely rayon or similar. It features floral embroidery, brown lace details along sleeves and scoop neckline and is closed with metal hook and eye enclosures down the back. There are several holes, tears, loose threads and discoloration. This dress came with several strips of matching embroidered fabric, the use for which is unclear. No designer tags found.

Bust (measured from armpit to armpit): 17"
Waist: No true waist
Shoulders: 15.5"
Sleeves: 10"
Total Length: 60"
Fabric: Rayon or similar
Approximate Size:
Damages: Large tear in right sleeve, holes, loose stitching, discoloration.

VTG 30s Blue Sheer Gown with Lace Accents:
This dress is pure Grace Kelly and very unique. Made of a sheer blue rayon the gown features plunging v-neckline with buttons, puff sleeves and maxi skirt with white lace accents. The fabric is very delicate and has several holes and tears, especially along seams. No designer tags found.

Bust (measured from armpit to armpit): 16.5"
Waist: 13.5"
Shoulders: 12"
Sleeves: 25"
Total Length: 56"
Fabric: Rayon
Approximate Size:
Damages: Holes, loose stitching at seams, discoloration.

NOTE: Measurements are taken with the garment laying flat. Double the # for sizing purposes.

From Me:

The stripy rainbow on reminds me of this one. All three are very much the 1930's and since I know a lot of you go gaga over 1930's things, I'll just ask not to droll on the dresses, please.

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