Thursday, November 5, 2015

Men's Fabulous Frock Coat

From the seller:

Priced very fairly for the beginning or seasoned collector or student of fashion...perhaps for pattern making, although should not be cut up as it displays somewhat well. Men's early ca. 1750-70 taupe/olive/gold silk( faille like ) embroidered with metallic thread and tiny metal sequins and red tinsel trim. The coat has what appears to be a cotton padded front. It has been deaccessioned from the Metropolitan Museum, see photo. It is priced quite fairly due to the overall condition stains some wear couple of mends and silk lining shattering in places.
Being sold as is, I do not like fragile items going back and forth through the does have issues and not mint thus the opening low price!
Enjoy, every vintage collector should have at least one court coat.
Will be listing a men's "powdered" wig made of horse-hair

From Me:

I'd put it later than 1750 due to the cut - more like 1780's really. However, this is yet another one of the MET auction items. Ladies and Gentlemen, please, no drool on the frock coat.


  1. Lovely! Is it what they called a Banyan? (Not as up on men's clothing as I should be. :blush: )

    1. Nope! A Banyan is basically a very pretty looking robe - think the smoking jacket of the 19th and early 20th C. It's long - at least tea length- and it closes all the way down in the front.

      This is very much a frock coat and meant for formal occasions - sort of like a tux with tails today.