Sunday, November 22, 2015

Beautiful Black Lace Edwardian Bodice

From the seller:

DESCRIPTION: Fine 19th century Victorian bodice blouse. SIZE: 15"W at shoulder, arms approx. 22"L. CONDITION: Very Good, exterior fabric/lace is nice not dry/worn, one short tear/split on embroidered collar, interior silk lining has some tears, light wear to black lace at wrist see photo 9, very light minor odor not offensive, stuffed with archival paper, please check photos for details.

From Me:

October 1902

It's the sleeves that give it away. There was this brief moment in fashion history when having the lower part of your arm balloon out was incredibly popular. It's called 1902. It didn't last long - sleeves went to what we would consider normal today very quickly. People were probably just tired of the big sleeves after the whole 1890's thing.

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