Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Early Edwardian Print Dress

From the seller:

Exquisite, hard to find 3 piece Victorian set in exceptional, very wearable condition. It's as close to brand new as you will ever find...a striking 1800's dress that may have come straight from the dress maker. This matched set includes a fully finished corset jacket with pepblum front and high wrap collar, polished cotton under skirt with matching chintz hemline and the original bustle back over skirt with ruffled flounce. Gorgeous lilac colored floral print against striking black. This genuine 1800's Victorian dress looks like it was never worn...clean as a whistle! The only flaw you will find is a tear of the brown polished cotton waistband. This was from improper hanging...as found...the weight of the skirt caused the tear. This is such a minimal flaw that some neatly darned stitches will easily mend. There are twelve corset stays sewn within the fitted bodice jacket. Early hook closure up the front with rare grommets. Exceptional finish work within the bodice lining. Full matching bustle back hoop skirt with tons of gathers and pleating in the rear. The skirt drapes nicely over the brown polished cotton crinoline liner with matching chintz hemline...the third in this beautiful trio. For serious antique clothing collectors, this is a must see. This is very wearable antique clothing. Please check measurements. The corset jacket was quite tiny and would not hook closed on my dress form....see photos below. Feel free to make an offer...this will make a wonderful gift as it is in museum condition!
Measures as follows:
Bust: 30 inches
Waist: 20 inches
Underarm to hemline: 8 inches
Underarm to sleeve end: 18 inches
Bustle skirt
Waist: 20 inches
Hips: full bustle back
Waist to hemline: 45 inches
Waist: 26 inches
Hips: full bustle inches
Waist to hemline: 42 inches

From Me:

There is not such thing as wearable antique clothing, sorry. We've probably all done it at some point but we've all learned from that mistake as well - the fabric can't handle the movements any normal human will make anymore. It's antique!

Anyway, it's not Victorian either. The outfit is Edwardian. The pigeon front and sleeves give that away.


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    1. Given the colors in the print, I'm curious if it was for second mourning or not. It looks like it would work...