Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Late 1860's Blouse

From the seller:
A very lovely original pre Victorian to early 1830s to early 1840s lady's 5 bone or baleen stayed bodice, completely meticulously hand created in dainty sheer white dotted swiss cotton fabric. Lots of wonderful detailing including the built in heavier weight cotton camisole that is edged with very narrow ric rac trim. The drop shoulders are decorated with very tight ruching, (even tighter than typical cartridge pleats), very fashionable of the era billowing balloon sleeves that are cuffed with cartridge pleats and a tiny fabric w/ hand tatting covered button to match the delicate front buttons closure. A higher Empire style waist that is completed with fan pleating flowing upwards toward the front bustline and in the back. Truly a superb example of the era. In overall very good condition, an opening in the front, a larger period patch repair in the back , a small opening in back at the nape of the neck and at a patch seam. Although I consider it to be in overall very good displayable and perfect for study condition, I am selling it as is. The bust is 32".

From Me:

I don't see fan pleating on this. I get why the seller might think this is earlier than it is.  The waistline is very deceptive on late 1860's garments.  However, the waistline by the late 1830's/early 1840's reached normal or below normal lengths (some of those 1840's bodices are long).   Also, although it existed in the Romantic era, Swiss Dot was all the rage in the 1860's. 

Plus, there are these paintings showing very similar blouses from the 1860's.


  1. How clever with the partial lining leaving the pretty dotted sheer fabric to show on the shoulders, while remaining decent.
    Can followers suggest an item? I'm looking at this thing on eBay I totally love the design of, although I think the seller dated it wrong.

    1. Sure! You can email it to me at isabelladangelo at gmail dot com I might already have it in the queue (I currently have about 107 items that I need to put up) but I do miss items from time to time. :-)