Tuesday, April 22, 2014

late Teen's Era Peachy Dress

From the seller:

This auction is for a late Edwardian or early 1920’s dress made of pink colored silk and metallic lace. I would say that it is best suited to display, repair or salvage of usable materials. There are areas of discoloration as well as small specks of soiling on much of the skirt, and small holes here and there. It still retains one of its metallic tassels at the back ribbon. The styling is unique with the small puffed “panniers” at each side hip. Even with the condition issues, it still makes a lovely display. The measurements are approximate and as follows: Bust 36”, Waist 30“.

From Me:

Based on the way the silver lace is pieced, I'm guessing this dress has been redone a time or two. Probably 1918 or thereabout.

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