Monday, April 14, 2014

Turn of the Century Combinations

From the seller:

A gorgeous antique Victorian corset cover / pantaloons slip that's made on a lightweight white linen and beautifully detailed with wide scallop lace cuffs and a lace bodice. The waist has wide open eyelets to thread a ribbon thru to cinch the waist. I imagine that the bodice once had a drawstring around the neckline to hold it in place but there's none there now. There's tiny pearl button closures in the back.
VINTAGE ~ ~ Victorian

LABEL ~ ~~ ~

FABRIC ~ ~~ linen

MEASUREMENTS ~ ~~ 32" length, 37" bust, free waist now

CONDITION ~ ~ Excellent antique condition.

From Me:

I think the top would have had ribbon straps to hold it in place rather than a drawstring. This combinations is from the mid Edwardian era.


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