Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Regency Era Children's Clothing

From the seller:

A very nice group of 1820’s cotton infant clothing. The group consists of two dresses and a corded bonnet. The first dress has an embroidered hemline. The embroidery is designed with satin stitching and French Knot stitching. The dress has a drawstring neckline. Shoulders 8 Bust 22 Length 23. The second dress has a high Empire waist and pin tucking on the front of the bodice. It has a drawstring closure at the back neck and waist. Shoulders 9 Bust 20 Length 25. The bonnet is designed with padded cording that is intermingled with rows of ruching. All of the garments are hand stitched. They are all in very good condition. The embroidered dress has a couple of pencil tip size age spots and one slightly larger then pencil tip size period mend.

From Me:

I think the pillowcase looking one is actually earlier - maybe 1800's. The Empire waist dress is from 1810's/1820's.

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