Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1890's Bodice

From the seller:

Victorian ca 1890's Green Brocade Bodice w Soutache Trim

This lovely Victorian bodice is made from a heavy dark, dark green silk brocade. It has a yoke of green silk brocade and is trimmed with a design in soutached braiding. The sleeves are the leg o mutton style very full on the top and narrow on the bottom. The sleeves are pointed at the wrist and trimmed with soutache. It's lined in black cotton and has boning in the seams. It hooks down the front and the outside comes over to hook at the shoulder and down the side seam. The silk yoke is shattering, minor wear on the trom, but the main portion of the bodice is excellent. It measures 31 inches around the bust, waist is 22 3/4 inches, across the back shoulder is 11 and it's 17 3/4 inches long.

Approval for returns must be received within 3 days, as is items are not refundable. I want my customers to be happy with their purchase so please notify me if there is a problem. Thank you so much for your cooperation. I so appreciate your business.

From Me:

I was seriously considering not posting today due to yesterday's horrific events. However, I know several of you need the distraction. Yesterday was both disgustingly horrible and yet it also renewed my faith in humanity; when the bombing happened, several people ran towards the blasts, rather than away. People quickly went to help in anyway they could. Runners went straight to the nearby hospital to give blood. We have seen people open their homes to complete strangers and businesses offer their spaces as a place for people to rest. This is the way we should act towards one another and I'm pleased to see that taking place despite the vileness that took place in a matter of seconds by, presumably, one or two individuals.

As for the bodice, it is exactly as the seller states; a lovely late Victorian bodice. :-)

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