Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lovely Edwardian gown with detachable sleeves!

From the seller:

This lovely Victorian 2 pc dress is made from a light weight silk, similar to China silk in ivory. The skirt is pin tucked all the way around from waist to ruffles, and it has 8 rows of ruffles (in back) and 6 in front (the extra ruffles make the dip for the train). The waistband has been patched, it has a pink stain at the waistband in front (lipstick I think) and tears along the seam where the waistband is sewn, you could take it up 1/2 inch from the waist and get rid of them. It has a few light spots on the ruffles and a few ruffles need to be sewn onto the skirt for an inch or 2. It measures 23 1/2 inches around the waist, hips are full and in front it's 39 3/4 inches long. The bodice has pin tucks, the sleeves are pin tucked and curve up to show a gathered pouf under the sleeve, trimmed with edging. THe yoke is organza and is trimmed with a nice tape lace around the edge and some lace appliqued to the organza, organza is poor condition, it has been backed with a modern fabric, the collar also is poor, with lots of holesl in the organza. If you overlay the yoke and collar with a new netting, organza or lace, the outfit would be in really nice condition. The bodice is lined in cotton and has bones in the seams. It measures 35 1/2 inches around the bust, waist is 25, across the back shoulder is 12 1/2 inches and shoulder to point in front is 19 1/2 inches. It has little mitts or lower cuffs that comes with it. De-accessioned from a museum.

From Me:

This EDWARDIAN piece truly is unique. I don't think I've seen one that comes with the matching sleeves before.

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