Thursday, April 18, 2013

For my 1300th Post, a lovely Regency Era Apron Front Dress!

From the seller:

A very rare 1795-1805 white cotton fall front dress. The dress is all hand stitched. The front bodice fits to just under the bust line and the fall front skirt ties to the back and would have been pinned in place on the sides. The bodice has a front Dorset button closure. The bodice is lined with a separate linen closure. The collar and sleeve cuffs are trimmed with ruffles. The skirt front is trimmed with decorative Dorset buttons. Several of the buttons are missing. The skirt is unlined. The dress is in very good condition. There are a couple of pencil tip size holes and a couple of small pea size age spots on the hemline. There is an area on the side of the skirt that has some barely visible pale gray age discoloration. This is an adult’s dress but very small in size. A highly collectible dress as this style is rarely seen on the open market. Bust 27 Empire waist 25 Sleeve length 27 Skirt length 43.

From Me:

And from one of my dearly beloved readers of this blog (and a couple of my other ones too! ;-) ):

It's not exactly the same but it does help to date this as I thought it was somewhere around the 1802 date - and it looks like it is! I personally LOVE wearing apron front Regency dresses. They look so cute on!

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