Thursday, April 4, 2013

Stunning 1920's Beaded Sheath Dress

From the seller:

A estate antique 1930's cream silk crepe heavily beaded Sheath Evening gown dress.It has a low scoop neckline in the front as well as the back.The back has long strands of buggle beads.The sides are open on both sides.There are two snaps on one side but nothing to attach it too.No snaps on the other. There are some pearls missing around the neckline pic 11 with some loose threads with a occasional missing bead 98 to 99% are intact.There are a couple of broken strands of bugle beads on the back shown in pic 7 & 8.The inside of the back of the dress of the bugle beads are in pics 22 & 23.Didn't find any stains has a slight storage odor & will need to be cleaned.

The front & back panel are Not the same size.The back panel is approx 2" wider.The measurements listed are for the Front panel which are approx lying flat

shoulders 14"

bust 15 1/2"
hips 19 1/2"

total length 50"

From Me:

Not 1930's, but most likely, early 1920's! Love the back detail!

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