Sunday, August 23, 2015

1760's Robe a la Francaise

From the seller:

Circa 1750-1775, A very beautiful silk brocade sacque back robe, petticoat and stomacher composed of ivory taffeta brocaded with polychrome floral sprays. The robe, petticoat and stomacher are trimmed with furbelows, wired net and silk fringe.The sleeves have a double cuff.The skirt has side openings and the item has a deep front ruffle.Measurements are apprx.58-63 for robe,42”petticoat,chest 28”,waist 22”.In mainly very good condition, front trim on top of bodice needs to be reattached, some spots and splits ,but overall strong and in good condition.Part of a collection from the Metropolitan museum deaccession.LACE veil is NOT INCLUDED IN LISTING.

From Me:

I couldn't find out if it really was part of the massive MET sell off or not but I'm not surprised. The robe is most likely from the early 1760's - the way the skirt is done is typical of the decade before that but the bodice cut and the stomacher cut is more in keeping with the 1760's elongated waistlines. Here's a similar poorly displayed dress from the 1760's (you'd think the MET would do better!). And another dress from the LACMA collection with a similar overall silhouette.

The trim at the top of the stomacher was added much later (19th century).  


  1. It's gorgeous! I'm horrified the Met would need to sell it. What a loss to costume historians.

    1. They sold off a TON of stuff when they effectively got rid of their costume exhibits. They still have quite a few items but it's nothing compared to what it was. Now it's just one room down in the Egyptian wing.