Sunday, August 23, 2015

Teen's Era Net Dress

From the seller:

This is a most gorgeous antique dress! It is made of sheer, white net fabric that even has a bit of give to it!
It is done in layers of the fabric, with a sturdy thick cotton waistband inside.
It has numerous snaps and hooks to hold it in place.
There is an embroidered overlay in front.
I tried to show it on the mannequin, but it doesn't fit her pointy 50's bosom!
This is in wearable condition. One hole in back at hip, not to bad. Maybe one light spot somewhere. But, clean!
All the snaps and hooks are in place.
So lovely!

Really, this is in quite good condition for such an old dress.
No underarm issues!

ANTIQUE, sold "as is"

it measures:

Bust - 34"

Waist - 25.5"

Hips - 42"
Sleeves - 23"
From shoulder to top of waistband - 14"
Shoulder seam to seam - 15"

Length - 47"

From Me:

Probably about 1914 based on the cut and style.

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