Monday, August 24, 2015

1920's Beaded Sheer Dress

From the seller:

Absolutely stunning 1920s Beaded Dance Silk Flapper Dress - Carwash Hemline !!!

Gorgeous off white color with white and silver tube and glass beading.This dress was all hand beaded in an intricate free form design of deco pattern. The dress has carwash skirt that is so unusual and very unique. This is not your typical dress from this era!

Sleeveless style

Measurements are of actual garment, should fit a bit loose:

Dress: Bust 36, waist 40, Hip 40, Length 41, Shoulder 16

Condition: Very good for its age. A few missing beads, few small brakes around the shoulder areas. I found one small snag -please, see the photos. Some bead loss here and there but not large areas, just sparsely. The dress was stored well and it could be restored to its full beauty.

From Me:

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/Public Awareness

I've never heard/seen it called a carwash hemline. Lol! This is from the later 1920's and probably right around the crash.

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