Monday, August 31, 2015

Another Crazy Pink Print Edwardian Dress

From the seller:

I have found a truly special item! Genuine Victorian evening gown. All hand made. This is an estate piece, in as is condition.
It has been stored in a box for many years.
This is for restoration purposes, not for actual wear. The fabric is fragile, and the underneath silk lining is shredding. The pink paisley skirt is in surprisingly good condition with lace insets, which I thought was nice. There is a small train and room for a bustle. The hem of the underskirt that had ruffles and black velvet will need to be removed and added to a new underskirt.

As for the jacket. The lining is all but gone. The boning, hooks and eyes, and banding is still there, but the silk has "melted". There are some holes on the outside of the jacket, but the detail work is still in excellent condition and can be salvaged. There is a velvet band that wraps around the waist and hangs down the back. Very dramatic.
Has a 20" waist! Tiny! Please look at the photos. Message me for extra photos, as I could not get all of them in the listing. I do not have an appropriate mannequin, so I used exactly four pins to attach this to the mannequin. All pining done in unnoticeable places. If you are looking for a mint item, this is not for you. It will require a talented restoration person, but I was generally happy with the condition. At 115+ years old, silks and nets often start to fall apart.

From Me:

At 115+ things have already started to fall apart well before that point - for silks, nets, and humans. ;-)

Most of you will remember this one from last month done in a similar print and this one I posted in 2011. This type of print was clearly popular at the Turn of the Century. I'm curious if Sears, Monkey Wars (Montgomery Wards for those that didn't grow up with it being a staple along with the JC Penny catalog every Christmas), or another big company at the time sold this style fabric in their catalog.

This dress, based on the 3/4 sleeves and overall style is probably about 1905 ish.

December 1905 Fashion

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