Friday, August 28, 2015

Because bad taste is not a new thing...Edwardian Pink Dress with Odd Fringe arrangement

From the seller:

This is a rare two-piece outfit with unusual detailing and in a special color. The dress and matching underskirt are made of cotton, wool, lace, and silk. There are many small holes in the pink wool, please view all of the photos prior to bidding. The underskirt has a hook and eye closure and a raw seem waste measuring 30 inches. The top 24 inches of the skirt are cotton and the bottom 22 inches approximately are the wool. The skirt is shorter in the front and longer in the back to accommodate a bustle. Underneath the bottom portion of the wool there is more cotton petticoat with a ruffled trim.
There is no label on any of these pieces.
The top dress portion has a button closure in the back with a hook and eye. The sleeves have an elaborate shape, and are trimmed in silk fringe that measures approximately 2 1/4 inches long. The front of the bodice, sleeves and near the skirt bottom are pieces of 3 1/2 inch wide Cream chantilly lace appliqué. The lace all appears to be in good condition, as does the silk French. The pleating on this piece goes horizontally and vertically creating a very unique style.
These pieces have not been cleaned and are sold as is, please review all of the photos prior to purchase.

Measurements taken while the dress was lying flat
bust: 19 1/4 inches
waist: 13.5 inches
shoulder: 14 inches
back of collar to hem: 43 inches
sleeve: 21.5 inches

From Me:

If it weren't for the fringe, this might actually be cute. As is, I'm posting as an example/warning that our ancestors did not always have good taste in clothing.



  1. I wonder if it was added later, maybe to use the dress as a costume? Not saying that people haven't had bad taste before, of course, but it's such a weird and outlanding embellishment choice that one hopes there is another explanation.

    1. I wish, but no. Adding lace or fringe to a bit under the bust was a thing in the very early Edwardian years. You can see it here on page 35 with a pink dress. This dress isn't nearly as ugly but the placement of the pink stripes is at the same points as the fringe. This one shows the lace in the unfortunate position on the blouse as well as the sleeves.

      I know none of these are exactly like the extant one above, but hopefully they are similar enough.