Wednesday, August 26, 2015

For what it's Worth, late 1860's Ball Gown

From the seller:

1870's Charles Frederick Worth Severe Black Silk Ballgown Labeled: This gown was created in the 1870's and has a black woven label with Worth, 7 Rue De La Paix. Paris which was an early address for Worth and Bobergh. The name andaddress is gold. Normally gowns have a white label. This label is original to this bodice. It has the original old threads holding it in. The gown is a black silk skirt and bodice. Because the bodice tucks into the skirt which has a narrow band, I believe that there was an over skirt that is now missing. This gown came from a museum de-accession. This gown is very tiny. The waist of the skirt is 20 inches with a front length of 39.5. The bodice has a bust of 30, and a waist of 19.5. As you can see the ribcage was so tiny that it doesn't close on this very tiny Victorian dress form. The bodice originally was covered in black silk tulle. Most of it has disintegrated. The large bow on the left shoulder is handing by one thread and a pin. The skirt has a built in bustle cage. The skirt is in good condition with a few small holes and a tear right below the back opening. There is a seam on the lower right hand back side that has come open and needs to be repaired. It would be amazing to know what the overskirt looked like. I wonder if it was made with gathered silk tulle. Could this be a mourning dress for third stage mourning? Could the label be black instead of white because of it being a mourning dress? If anyone knows send us an email.

From Me:


I think it's missing the overapron/skirt piece that was probably made out of a similar net to the treatment on the bodice. However, it is from about 1869 based on the style of the bodice. Also, the skirt waist would go under the bodice line...

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