Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Blue Stripy Regency Era Dress

From the seller:

This is one of the prettiest Regency dresses I have ever seen. Unfortunately there is damage.
The dress is in pale blue and cream silk with a pretty neck pleated decoration in blue chiffon. It has the most delightful puff sleeves with "butterfly" type decoration. The sleeves are long to the wrist. There is wide tucks to the hem and back closure. The bodice is partially lined.
Now comes the bad news! Firstly, the front. There are three small holes just under the waistband. There is a rip in the front of the skirt of about 2 1/2". The rest of the skirt is very good.
The sleeves are very good, especially the puff sleeves. But there is considerable underarm damage and staining.
The back of the skirt has a rip at the base of the opening, and there is wear at the waistband.
The pretty chiffon around the neck is partially damaged, although when displayed this is not immediately noticable.
Some of this damage could be conserved or repaired, especially if you are good with the needle. It could be used as a template for copying the dress design.
However, it would, of course, be best displayed on a mannequin, and the damage minimised by how it would be arranged.
Please bear in mind that the damage is as stated, so kindly take this into consideration, and study the photos and my description carefully.
The silk is not quite as shiny as it appears in the photos. This is from my flash.

Again, on a positive note; the dress has never been washed so the silk is still crisp. It appears never to have been altered, so it is complete, and original

Measurements: From shoulder to hem 51". Across waist approx. 12". Across shoulders approx. 17".

From Me:

Very late 1810's or very early 1820's based on the decoration. The faux growth pleats were a thing in the 1810's but the bodice length is more in keeping with 1819-1821.

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