Saturday, August 29, 2015

WOW! Titanic Era Dinner Dress.

From the seller:

This antique dress is in very delicate and frail condition. There are many holes and the fabric can tear easily. It seems older than Victorian, I don't know for sure what the era is for this piece. The beadwork and design is just breathtaking. It is heavy with beads and embroidery all of which is sewn into the black lace. The bodice part has clips for closure in back that seem to work fine. It is heavy weighing 2 pounds and 8 ounces. Definitely unwearable, picking it up risks tearing the material. It was either for a very small woman or a girl, looks very petite.

All measurements were taken with garment laying flat.
Waist - 13"
Length 47"
Shoulders - around 18"

From Me:

Older than Victorian would be Romantic Era - pre 1840's. This is not that old. By a long shot.

This dress must have been a stunner back in the day. Imagine the light bouncing off the beads and embroidery of this! Imagine how the color would shift as the black net moved against the white silk! This dress is still lovely but it was droolable when it was first made.

Probably about 1912/1913

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