Sunday, August 23, 2015

Spring Like Colors Floral Edwardian Outfit

From the seller:

Circa 1900,a lovely bodice and skirt made with blue and cream striped warp printed silk with polychrome florals and roses There is a high necked bodice with lace and trims with ruching on the bodice and skirt. There is a interior boned cotton back lacing waistband,the fornt of the lace skirt has ruffles with lace down the center front part of skirt.In mainly good condition,some scattered splits,it lacks a underskirt,velvet waistband torn,cuffs lace cuffs were removed at soem point. Display beautifully.. best for display

From Me:


I wanted to add the fashion plate above to show the sleeve style. It's similar to the sleeve style in the extant dress. The waistline and the cut of the dress are consistent with a 1906/1907 time frame.

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