Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Black Brocade Edwardian Dress Outfit

From the seller:

Absolutely Beautiful Black Sheer 2 piece Victorian Dress. The skirt is in great shape, I only found 1 small flaw. The top has a couple worn tears and the beading and sequins need reattached in a couple spots. It needs a black underdress because it is very sheer. It has panels of material that are embroidered together and a pleated ruffle at bottom of skirt. This was in my Grandmother's Antique shop on display and was also used in a fashion show we did with Vintage Clothing. The top is 14 1/2" neck to waist, 13" across back, 24" waist & 22" long sleeves. The Skirt is 24" waist, 38" length is front and 40" length in the back.

From Me:

/headdesk Used in a fashion show? ....

Anyway, it's hard to tell exactly due to the way it's displayed. However, the clear pigeon front, the hemline detailing on the skirt, and the way the sleeves are shaped look more mid-Edwardian than anything else to me.

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