Monday, August 24, 2015

1914 Red Striped Dress

From the seller:

1910 - 1912 Stripe Red & White Silk Day dress: This dress was De-accessed from a museum on the East coast. The bust is 32", the waist is 23" and the skirt length is 37". It is not wearable but makes a nice display, and would be great to copy, or used for inspiration. The dress has many holes throughout, and it has been washed and the red dye has run in places. The stripe silk under the sash on the left side is split and needs stabilizing. See photo. There is wear to the red silk hem line and a quarter size hole on the right side bottom hem. It is missing its hooks and eyes on the lace and the sash. the back of the sash needs to be tacked back into place. The cotton bodice liner has wear and is frayed at the front neckline. This doesn't show when the dress is closed. It has an old smell. There is no liner in the skirt. A ivory slip would have been worn with it originally. The bidding will start at $0.99 with no reserve.

From Me:

March 1914 Fashion

The above is from March 1914.

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