Monday, November 25, 2013

1870's Bodice Cover

From the seller:

This antique Victorian era white cotton batiste ruched tucks lace camisole corset cover top dates from 1880. It is made of a sheer white cotton batiste muslin fabric, with finely done ruched tucks pleating throughout and valenciennes French bobbin lace trim inserts. This lovely lace lingerie camisole corset cover top has an open front with no closure, sleeveless, with ruffled edging, a scalloped bottom skirt and bustle back skirted drape. The top measures 17 inches long in the front, 21 inches long in the back, with a 26 inch waist and 34 inch bust. It is in good condition. This is truly a wonderful piece of wearable unique antique textile art!

From Me:

I don't think it's a camisole or a corset cover. Rather, this went over the bodice as a sort of vest like garment. It's also from the 1870's. The lady in the pink dress to the left is wearing a similar garment to this one from this 1876 Fashion Plate.


  1. Lovely! I've wondered for years what to call this garment. When heavier, it seems to have been to referred to as a jacket, but that blows my mind.

    I suspect this one might have been called a Confection.

    1. In Godey's Lady's Book, it's referred to as a bodice but with the context that clearly means it goes over another bodice. I guess an overbodice might be correct?

    2. That's why I'm confused. Sometimes it's called a bodice, others a vest, or even a jacket. THEY knew what it was, but I can't find a "legal" name for it. :-)

    3. Sometimes an item just doesn't have a single name. Look at a shurg today. I've heard them called jackets, shrugs, boleros - all for the exact same object!