Thursday, November 14, 2013

1890's Black Dress

From the seller:

Here we are offering a stunning example of late Victorian finery! This elaborate two piece ensemble is made from classic black silk taffeta and trimmed with silk ruffles, velvet ribbon, inserts of lace covered blue silk and a stand-up collar of blue silk covered in silver and turquoise beads adds the finishing touch. Please note that we have had some repair done to the beading on the collar since the original photographs were taken and have included a close up photo of that area since the repair. The interior of both the bodice and the skirt are lined with black polished cotton which is in very good condition. The black silk is also in very good condition overall. There are a few small holes and a couple of small splits; these are found on the skirt, and on the left sleeve in the elbow and cuff areas. The waistband is also damaged on the corner, this could be repaired fairly easily. Lastly, one area of the skirt has about 3 small rub like wear spots. Unfortunately, the blue silk used in the inserts has not faired as well, showing several splits/separations. When displayed these are not glaringly obvious. We do not sell clothing of this age as wearable and strongly discourage any attempt to do so. Therefore, the following measurements taken in inches are provided for references purposes only. Bodice: Bust and Waist each measure 21-22, Length from neck to waist 15. Skirt: Waist about 22, Length 42, Hem Circumference 216. We are always happy to answer questions so please ask them before bidding.

From Me:

I swear, when I first saw this gown, I thought it was another Gunne Sax being sold as a real Victorian piece. However, one quick look through the photos and I realized this dress was for real. I'm not entirely sure on the collar but the rest is perfectly in tune with the mid to late 1890's.


  1. LOL! It does look perfectly gothic, doesn't it? I could see it made as a Gunne Sax design. ;-)

    1. The last picture is what I saw first. This is what I thought it was based only on that picture. Then I saw the back and...yeah, totally not a gunne sax.