Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ending today on a gown of some Worth ;-)

From the seller:

This stunning Victorian ball gown was restored / reconstructed by Museum Pieces to Wear from pieces from a 1897 Worth ball gown that was in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum. It has the original beading, petticoats, lace, label and ribbon and was restored for Mrs Roffe Wilke in 1982. The main portion of the gown, the soft pink silk is new, but has the look and feel of an old fabric and it looks like an exact color to the original, you can see a little of the original pink silk where the beading is appliqued on. The lace has a tear and there's a stain under the lace, but you could mend it and bunch it up to cover the stain if it doesn't remove. The nod to today is a zipper added in back, it's hand stitched in, the silk is interlined with organza and hand overcast on the seams. One of the seams in the back may have been let out a fraction, it shows a little pulling to the fabric at the waist. The band has little extended flaps with a scalloped bottom that hangs below the waist in back. The sleeves have wide bands lined in taupe silk organza, they are tacked to the sleeves half way making them loop and the bottom of the sleeves have elastic. It has the original yellowish gold silk ribbon at the waist in front with a big bow on the side. It measures 35 1/2 inches around the bust, waist is 27 and it's 58 1/2 inches long. Beautifully made and finished. A drop dead gown.

From Me:

I hope it's not a drop dead gown - I'd hate for whomever has bought it to drop dead!

I know, bad jokes today. ....

Anyway, yes a fabulous Worth gown from the 1890's.


  1. LOL! Very Worth-y puns. ;-)

    Does it really qualify as a Worth, though? All the silk is new. I'd call it a reproduction with the original trim added on.

    1. My thought to this one is that the silk from that era pretty much is all shattered completely due to the way they treated it in the late Victorian/early Edwardian. Because the cut is most likely the same and all the pieces (petticoat, lace, beading) are original, I'd still call it a Worth - it's all the pieces Worth used to create the original gown minus the shattered silk. However, the dress itself is a reproduction of the original. So, it can go both ways for this gown.