Sunday, November 17, 2013

Slightly Odd looking 1890's Ball Gown

From the seller:

For your consideration today, we have a lovely pink two piece Victorian ball gown. This two piece set is made of a ribbed fabric that I believe is some type of taffeta. The top has puffy sleeves with a hook and eye closure in the front. There are corset type of stays in the bodice. There is matching pink ribbon trim at the sleeves, the waist, the back neckline, and the shoulder area. The top is fully lined, and has hooks in the back to connect to the skirt. The skirt is made of the same pink fabric and is fully lined. This lovely set is in pretty good condition for its age, but does have a few issues. There is the usual soiling and some spots here and there. The pink ribbon trim on the bodice has a lot of wear and tear, it needs to be sewn back on one sleeve where it has split. There is also another split where the trim connects to the shoulder trim. For the most part, the ribbon trim is in poor condition. The skirt has had some repairs to the waistline, and is gathered more on one side in the back than the other. There is some type of stiff cheesecloth type of lining in the back that is falling apart that needs to be removed. The white cotton lining is fine. So it is not perfect, but does make for a lovely display.

Measurements with the dress laid flat are:




From Me:

Unless you are going to a fancy dress party as what *I* look like after a bad allergy attack, I'm not sure how this would look good on anyone. It's very....full and would make any lady look portly (or swollen!) despite the tiny waist.

Probably about 1896.


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    1. :-) That's what I turn into during a bad allergy attack. Actually, we say "tomato" since that's what causes the bad allergy attack to begin with... But pumpkin works!