Sunday, November 17, 2013

1910's, not 1960's

From the seller:

Antique Silk & Lace Dress
Blue Floral
Built-in Corset

19" Armpit to wrist
15" Across Waist
19" Across Shoulders
57" From Bottom of Dress to top of Neck/Shoulders
52" height on short side
Dress height is tapered from L to R about 5 inches

This is an antique dress and it is fragile.
There are no tears, rips or the like per my inspection. But I imagine if you buy this dress, it will require some sort of adjustment. There are some darker "stains" on the solid blue part near the floor. I took a photo of them, but it is hard to see (see photos).

I am not a dress expert. Dimensions are approximate. Please advise if more images and measurements are needed. Dress is made of antique material. Is it an antique dress or a modern dress made from antique material, I am not sure. The dress is beautiful and delicate.

From Me:

I know. Those colors! But, it is from the teens era.

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