Friday, November 8, 2013

Natural Form Quilted Petticoat

 My 1870's hand quilted petticoat over my new 1860's machine quilted comforter petticoat. 
 Close up of the blue crochet lace trim at the bottom hem. 
 Close up of the join between the cotton twill and the quilted silk. 
 Close up of the join between the cotton twill and the polished cotton waistband.
 Inside the petticoat at the waistband.
 Showing off the drawstring - you can see the bow right above my index finger. 
 The necessary cat to petticoat ratio...

Inside the hem.  You can see the calico bound with wool twill tape at the hem. 

From Me:

I swore up and down I posted this but it appears I never did.  This is one of the examples of a drawstring quilted petticoat from about the late 1870's.  Although it's mostly handsewn, there is a lot of machine sewing in the cotton twill area.   The calico fully lines the petticoat to the waistband.  The waistband itself is a drawstring.  


Waist: 32" at it's fullest

Hem: 78"

Length: 36" / Quilted area is 17 1/2" and the Twill is 13"  the rest is made up in the waistband and the crocheted lace

I apologize for the cell phone pictures.  My camera died (in a graveyard of all places) this past weekend.   I hope to have a new one in a couple of months.  (If "Santa" doesn't bring me one, I'm going to the after Christmas sales.)   Since this is my petticoat, feel free to ask questions about it.  I can attempt to answer them.   ;-)

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