Saturday, November 16, 2013

Neo Directorate Gown in pale yellow stripes

Dress on my living room floor
Close up of the shattered sleeve
Close up of the blue ribbon with "pearls"

Close up of the embroidered "belt" around the underbust
Close up of the fabric
Underside of the neckline

Lining facing showing the puff of cream silk
Back of Dress

Center Back of dress

From the seller:

A beautiful victorian dress in poor condition. The silk is shattered in many places. It could be used for a pattern or for the trim.

From Me:

I bought this one! :-) The pictures up are mine as well. Measurements:

Bust: 35"
Underbust: 31"
Front length of skirt: 42 1/2"
Back length from neckline to end of train: 64"

Although the front is shattered - it's not the worst I've seen from this era. The back is surprisingly pretty solid still and it appears the worst shattering is on the sleeves and center front. With some mends, the dress could be displayed.

What I really like is the lining is made up to look something like a bust improver - it extends well past the underbust- and it has separate straps. It also has a bit of cream silk on the front to "puff" out the bodice. The mix of pastels is far more impressive in person. The pale blue ribbon against the yellow striped pink floral silk really looks lovely together.

There is still a museum tag on the dress that states it was donated in 1965 and the dress is from 1911. If anyone would like more info on the dress (measurements, how it's constructed, ect) feel free to ask.


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    1. Thanks! I'm really excited about this one as it is done in the Regency style, but with Edwardian improvements on the inside.