Saturday, March 17, 2012

1840's Green Wool Dress

From the seller:

1840's - 1850's Wool Print Day Dress: There is an interesting design to this green, brown & golden printed wool from the late 1840's early 1850's. The bust is 36, the waist is 27 and the skirt length is 39. The width around the skirt bottom is 145. This dress will actually fit a real sized mannequin. The skirt design is so unusual, look at the bows on the front of the skirt. Most of the dress is sturdy because it is made of a heavy wool but it has a great deal of damage. The lining of the bodice has a tear from the shoulder to the waist on the left side and multiple repairs. This doesn't show from the outside. There are multiple patches, wear and holes on the skirt and on the bodice. Both of the underarms are damaged, with patches, holes and the fabric stitched and stitched. (see photos), The lining of the sleeves are blue, the skirt only has lining on the seven bottom inches. There are two patches on the back that are longer than four inches each, and 5/8 inches wide. Because of the crazy print these patches are not as noticeable from a short distance away. This dress displays very nicely as you can see from the photos and is sturdy because of the heavy wool. The bidding will start at 25.00. Please check on our other vintage auctions too and have fun bidding.

From Me:

First, this print is way too fabulous to be posted on any day other than today. Second, what the heck was the lady who made this dress thinking with those fugly bows on the front of the skirt? Less is more, dear!

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