Saturday, March 17, 2012

Edwardian Black and Green Coat

From the seller:
Antique original Edwardian women's dress
1. black with green velvet trim
2. condition is good but not perfect
3. top lined with cotton, 12 bone supports sewn into lining
4. lining hooks up the front separate from the dress
5. lining is torn on each side, about 6 in. will need to be mended
6. dress opening is under the green trim, hooks and eyes
7. overall condition of dress is good, small tear on side, about 1 in. easy repair
8. collar hooks in the back, has some boned supports
9. velvet buttons are decorative, no button holes
10. there is a 5 in. long torn section on skirt that has been repaired, a nice mend
1. across shoulders, 15 in.
2. bust, 40 in. plus
3. waist 36 in.
4. length from waist down, 42 in.
5. around bottom, 88 in.
6. there is a 2 in. hem.
7. neck, 14 in.
Some minor repairs need to be made but this can be worn
I have quoted priority shipping, handling includes packing and tracking

From Me:

This is fabulous! The green velvet accents make it perfect to wear on Saint Patrick's Day!

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