Monday, March 26, 2012

Green 1920's Dress

From the seller:

You are bidding on a gorgeous vintage silk 1920's dress in olive green. The dress has beautiful beadwork throughout the garment (with some issues detailed below). It's a very sheer silk as you may notice in some of the photographs. There is slight stitch work on the shoulder and at the hip creating a "blouse-y" look on the top part of the dress (both photographed). At the hips there are two slits going up the leg. RISQUE!

COLOR: Olive green sheer silk with white and charcoal beading

ERA: 1920s

MATERIAL: **VERY FRAGILE SILK** I do have some pieces for sell here on ebay that are NOT wearable however I believe with some reinforcement and some restoration it possibly could be wearable again. But this is at your own risk!!

MEASUREMENTS: All measurements are taken with the garment laying flat. Please double this measurement for actual fit. Bust: 18" Waist: 18" Shoulder to hem: 40" Side Slits at hem measure 14"

CONDITION: Again, this dress is very fragile and I have priced it according to this. There are patches where the beading has come loose or fallen out. There are also tears throughout the dress and shattering in the silk by the shoulders (pictured). Please ask me any questions!

From Me:

Okay, imagine this drabish green over either a glistening silver or a bright pink.

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