Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Turn of the Century Dressing Jacket

From the seller:

This jacket dates to the Victorian 19th Century and is a true must have for its styling alone, fashioned of a champagne colored silk faille through the top and sleeves with the bottom skirting in crème cashmere. A pointed collar encircles the neckline and is trimmed at the edges with moire, moire is a dove grey in color. A rosette of moire and ruched ruffling travels down the front. The sleeves feature ruched stitching at the top shoulder as well as fully around the over sized cuffs, chemical lace trims the front, giving the appearance of pockets in the way that it is styled. The moire of the collar has weakness with several inches of absence seen, the interior silk taffeta is mostly missing with large portions still there and shattered but the exterior silk is fully strong. The crème cashmere shows surface nips in small areas throughout with a large hand sized area of surface nips on the side bottom hip. Measures 34 inches around the bust, 28 inches around the waist, and 41 inches in its length.

From Me:

If it is Victorian, it's very, very late. I'm putting this around the 1898~1902 time frame.

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