Saturday, March 17, 2012

Titanic Era Gown

From the seller:
This beautiful ca. 1912 gown is made from a greenish yellow silk charmeuse, it has a lobed beaded collar, shor sleeves, ruched cummerbund and hobble skirt. It has a China silk underbodice that hooks down the front and tht bodice folds over, hooks at the shoulder and downt the side. The skirt has a drape on the left front and on the right side back. The sleeve have a silk chiffon lower flounce with white beading on the seam, the seam is opened in a few places and there is bead loss around the arm. It measures 36 inches around hte bust, waist is 23, but it looks like you could adjust it a bit by moving hooks and eyes, hips are 50+, across the back shoulder is 12 1/2 and it's 53 inches long. Excellent vintage condition.

From Me:

I know. It looks yellow. However, it does have a green hint so it gets to be posted today. Woohoo! (And, besides, we so know this is what Sybill is wearing in Ireland. ;-) )

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