Friday, March 30, 2012

Lovely Turn of the Century Summer Dress

From the seller:

A feminine 1890’s batiste cotton and lace two piece dress. The bodice has a high neck lace collar and wide Bertha style collar that extends over the top of the sleeves. The collar dips to the front and back. The sleeves have rows of padded cording and wide lace cuffs. The bodice is unlined and has a back hook and eye closure. The unlined skirt has rows of padded cording and three wide ruffle flounces at the edge of the hemline. Each of the flounces are trimmed with lace. The dress is in crisp and clean condition. There are a coupler of pencil tip size holes under the lace collar holes and no underarm discoloration. There is one small pea size spot near the back waist area. A very wearable dress. Bust 34 Waist 23 Skirt length 40.

From Me:

I was surprised when I read a 23" waist on this one. The way the seller has the dress shown, it looks...pudgy. I'm going with very early Edwardian (1902 ish) on this dress. I also apologize for my sporadic posting. My new job (Same company, same team really...kinda sorta, new responsibilities) is! Which I'm happy about but it also means less posting time at work. Plus, my hard drive at home died. I bought another but ...I need a converter. I bought one of those's coming in from China. Feel free to comment as always. I will try to respond. I promise. :-)

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