Friday, March 30, 2012

Why can't I wear something like this for Easter?

From the seller:

This is a truly lovely antique Victorian silk gown with a soft floral design silk in an antique white color, the way the pattern is rendered is evocative of ikat weavings. With lovely lace, silk embroidered trim and green silk velvet details, silk ribbon trim and glass beading. This is cotton lined. This has several condition issues, several places where the silk has shatters/ tears, particularly at the shoulders, some tears in the lace, very light staining at the underarms. This has many areas with light water staining, many little brown spots like foxing. I think that long ago, someone replaced most of the hook and eye closures with newer ones. Bust 32", waist 22", hips 32", length 48.5". An ideal candidate for a institutional or personal collection, but not for wear.

From Me:

Clearly, not a Victorian. However this is a lovely Teens era dress. I totally want to wear this to Easter except I already have my Easter dress planned out. Fabric, pattern, and thread. Heck, I even bought the trim! I just have two sewing projects that need to be finished first. Ignore that whole "Uh, Easter is in 10 days or so?" thing.

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