Monday, March 5, 2012

Pink Teen's Era Gown

From the seller:

Antique silk satin dress with delicate lace bodice and sleeve.(One sleeve missing). Inner structure from Edwardian/20's era. Very elaborate inner workings to attain shape. There is a label on the petersham reading "Antoinette C. Worrall 734 Fifth Ave. New York". Also among the lace bodice find delicate chiffon draping. The satin is pretty ragged and one sleeve is missing but structure and design could be worth the study.
Due to the elaborate hand work and inner structure I would date this to the early part of the century. Great study piece. This is probably a size medium.

From Me:

This one bothers me and it's not the missing sleeve. The silk just looks too "new". It might be the light/exposure thing but it just doesn't quite look right. However, the insides do look exactly like what you'd expect from a gown around 1915 so...I'm not sure.

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