Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Teens Era Lace Summer Dress

From the seller:

This incredible dress must have been something else in it's day. There are three pieces, underskirt, over skirt and top. The top has been intricately constructed out of tulle with lace overlay and a beautiful window pane fabric with round oriental style figural motifs. It is in 2 layers, the under layer being all tulle with just a bit of lace around the neckline. On the outer layer at the neck is a cord tied with worked knots. I would think this dress is silk but I do not know for sure. The sleeves are puffy tulle with cording similar to the neckline. There are definite conditional issues-many holes and tears, it is very delicate. I have shown some of damage, but there is more. It needs a good cleaning but I will leave that to the buyer. It measures: 21" armpit to armpit and is about 17" from shoulder to bottom.

The underskirt is in the best condition of the three pieces. The tulle does have some small holes and it is also delicate but is much better than the rest. Its beautiful and full -circumference is about 106", and the waist is 12" measured flat on one side. It was hemmed at one time by just folding it up onto itself and the stiches have come apart in certain areas. The hem could just be let out completely or restitched to fix.

The outer skirt once had an elastic band around the waist which is not there anymore so the waist could be ajusted. It is 35" in length and has 1 founce. The skirt has 2 different sizes of the motif and there are several large holes in the tulle. Again, delicate.

Some areas of this dress could be used to make a new creation, but is lovely as it is as a study or display piece for your collection. If it were restored it could be gorgeous. I've done my best to describe, but if you have any questions please just ask. This item is being offered in as-is condition.

From Me:

I *think* the blouse might be on backwards. If it isn't - that's terrible trim placement. Seriously.

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