Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cute Late Victorian/Early Edwardian Skirt

From the seller:


Civil War Period ~ Mid to late 1800’s

This Victorian skirt was purchased at a Civil War

re-enactment event in Winchester, VA from a suttler in 1983.

I was told it was made of silk with a linen (and polished cotton?) lining. There is a velvet band at the (interior) base of the hem. The mossy green fabric has shamrocks in a random pattern. It looks like the seams are machine sewn while the finishing work is hand done with very fine needlework. The ruffles are also applied with hand stitching. At the closure is a hook. There are some condition problems with what I think are water stains on the front of the skirt from about mid calf down, and in the back at the heels, and the lining is torn in spots from age. Please examine the photographs carefully as they are part of the condition description. It was never used but stored in a dresser and in the original condition from when it was purchased in ‘83. When I bought this item it was sold to me as an authentic period piece. I’m not an expert but it does appear to be authentic. Please refer to the photos to view the detail work.

The skirt is 40” long and the waist is approximately 26”.

Great item for re-enactors.


From Me:

So, now the question is, is this really an 1890's/1900's skirt or is it a really good reproduction? I honestly don't know. The way it's pieces and the use of handstiching along the upper part of the waistband would suggest period but I've also seen plenty of very good copies.

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