Monday, March 5, 2012

Lovely Fall Looking Bodice

From the seller:

Lovely Vintage Early Victorian era ladies Jacket /Bodice of very fine Challis with pretty Satin details and trim in wonderful condition. Quite gorgeous!! V-shaped waist . Very clean and fresh looking, including the lining and free from stains. Hook and eye closure. Lovely bow detail on cuffs and on back of waist. Seams are all tight.....really fantastic condition. I have owned this piece for 30 years and it has always hung from the door of a beautiful French armoire as a much-admired display piece in my sweet Victorian home. The Satin is a soft olive green/brown. An elegant little bodice jacket . Lacey jabot is free of any holes etc and is of creamy ivory netting which drapes prettily from the collar. Did want to mention a few small flaws that blend almost invisibly due to the pattern and detract very little from the generally pristine appearance of the jacket and its charming style . The Challis pattern is lovely, prettier than you can see in the photos. The underlining is the same soft beige color and due to this the few tiny flaws blend in almost perfectly. One is a hard to see repair on bodice (see picture 8) which really blends in. You have to really look for it . A few very very small and again hard to see pinholes that blend perfectly as well , as the underlining shows thru and is almost identical to the background color so you have to really be looking hard to find them. Very very pretty piece. Prettier than the photos convey!
********At the kind suggestion of an E-Bayer I am adding the following measurements. With the jacket laying flat and measuring from armpit to armpit it is 16" across and the waist is 11" (so double that for the measurements of 32" and 22")
***********I will be listing some gorgeous Victorian Hats , one matches this jacket beautifully. They are exceptional hats in fantastic condition . If interested please let me know . Keep an eye out for other Victorian and Edwardian clothing that I will be listing as well as some beautiful tablecloths and fine linens.

From Me:

It's not early Victorian, but a very early Edwardian instead. I was going to save it for Saint Patrick's Day, given the green ribbon, but I already have a LOT being posted that day. I really adore the detailing on this beautiful bodice. It just looks like the perfect autumn bodice to me (Even though right now is...winter? Tomorrow it might be Spring again. It was snowing outside when I peeked out the cubicle. Two days ago, I went outside without a coat. *sigh*).

The shoulders are still showing that 1890's influence but it's lacking the tail or anything else you'd expect to see in an early 1890's bodice as the bustle was going out and the sleeves were coming in. The jabot and the other detailing suggest the Turn of the Century, pointing more towards the 1900's than the late Victorian era.

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