Friday, March 2, 2012

1890's Black bodice with checkered cuffs

From the seller:

Antique Victorian black bodice / waist with gathered puffy sleeves
and long tight cuffs, pleats front & back, tiny 1/4" pleats down front placket.
May be silk taffeta.
There's a double row of hook and eye closures down the front, boned waist,
hand applied dainty sheer embroidered collar and cuffs.

Condition is very good.
No worn-out areas, stains or odors.
No undue wear under arms.
Top hook & eye needs to be reinforced as it has partially torn from the fabric;
there's a 1/2" fabric split near the top; and a couple small light spots on the front.
A small-size with approximate measurements of:
12.5" straight across back between top shoulder seams
14" straight across back between underarm seams
16" length from neckline to waist hem
11" straight across waistband
21" shoulder seam to cuff
16" underarm seam to cuff

From Me:

Based on the pintucks and the overall shape of the sleeves, I'm saying Turn of the Century. The puffy sleeves of doom had died down by the very late (1898) 1890's.

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