Friday, September 2, 2011

1860's Wild Striped Dress

From the seller:

This is really too fragile to wear of course, except very briefly and carefully for a photo perhaps, but I wanted to give the measurements in case you have a mannequin you’d like to put it on for display. Measures 18” across the shoulders (due to dropped shoulder seam) , 36” through the bust, 26” at the waist, full through the hips and length is 52”. Sleeves are 22” long from shoulder seam to cuff. Length from top of shoulder to waist seam is 15”. Fabric is a very fine wool in an open, almost mesh-like weave with cotton lining in bodice; skirt is unlined. No label or maker’s mark. Good condition for its age with a couple of repaired sections; a couple of 1” to 2” “L-shaped” tears which have been sewn closed and backed with cotton patches. Has about scattered holes as well; two are about 1/2” in diameter and the others are smaller. True colors are fawn, forest green, dark brown, warm medium brown, light blue and cream. The fabric is a very unusual print of circles and lozenge shapes in a wallpaper stripe. Fastens down front with large metal hooks and eyes, skirt is very full and is gathered into waistband. Shoulder seams are dropped and sleeves are flaring at wrist, inside of each sleeve has a white cotton eyelet cuff that makes a lovely trim. There’s also a lace insert inside the bodice and each sleeve is trimmed in dark green ribbon. Dress is all hand sewn of course. Front seam of skirt directly below bodice fastenings is open most of the way down the skirt; I think it’s meant to be sewn but this will be an easy repair. Pictured over a reproduction hoop skirt that's not included.

From Me:

I really think this is an early 1860's dress, and not 1850's. The waistline and the sleeves are both more 1860's -although they did have pagoda sleeves at the tail end of the 1850's.

What caught my eye immediately on the detail shots is how wild this fabric is! It looks like a rather dull stripe in colors but the various designs on the fabric really are what make this dress.

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